Although professional publication of the BIRTHRIGHT line has been discontinued, the BIRTHRIGHT setting has continued to engage the imaginations of adherents who enjoy role-playing in the rich tapestry of Cerilia. This is a resource for players and Dungeon Masters who play (or desire to play) BIRTHRIGHT under the third edition Dungeons & Dragons rule system.
This document has been prepared by a team of the official BIRTHRIGHT website at The scope of this manual is a comprehensive treatment of the core BIRTHRIGHT rulebook, The Book of Magecraft , The Book of Priestcraft and The Book of Regency. Setting information that is not rules dependent is not comprehensively covered herein. Material relating to regional areas, such as domain statistics, Organizations, prestige classes, NPC statistics, and other material tied to regional areas will be released in the d20 Atlas of Cerilia.
This document contains text and artwork copyrighted by TSR/WotC. Permission has been granted to, as the official Birthright fan organization, to use all copyrighted material. This material may not be used for profit. This latest version of this manual will be made available, without charge, on For-profit sale of this document is in violation of TSR/WotC's copyright and is prohibited.

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