All Shadow's Fled

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All Shadow?s Fled is celebrated on the Godsday after the Eve of the Dead. On this day undead are said to return to the Shadow World and Cerilia is spared their touch. The festival grew up over the last 2-3 centuries as undead or shadow-fiends escaped the Shadow World, and were then destroyed by the local militia. Since the itinerant skeleton is typically destroyed within a few days the festival had a certain practicality to it.
The festival was supported by local lords and merchants who were concerned that the peasants were growing afraid to venture out after the Eve of the Dead; by holding a public festival the nobles put a cap on the ?safe? period when peasants hid indoors and also encouraged them to venture out to the festivities.
When a stronger fiend escapes the Shadow World these worthies can be frantic to have it destroyed, or at least driven off before the week is up, as inadvertently the week has become seen as a ?deadline? by many peasants ? any noble who has not taken action within the week is seen to have failed in their duty. That said most incursions by the Shadow World are in practice brief, or if prolonged are confined to some grim locale avoided by the local population.
The festival is strong in Anuire, Brechtür and Rjurik, almost unknown in Khinasi and ignored in Vosgaard where the Shadow can linger well after a month has passed much less a week.

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