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Strategy and Advice
The regent's most immediate task is to defeat Kurt Warkinde. While a military victory is necessary to eliminate the military threat that Warkinde represents, the regent also needs to win the Stormlord Seerbrand to his side or face rebellion in his northern provinces. Some compromise would be required with the Stormlord Seerbrand if they were to select a more moderate successor to Warkinde. The regent would also need to manage hard-line voices on his side unhappy with his compromises with the former enemy.
Once the kingdom is unified, the regent can concentrate on securing it against external threats, particularly from the Vampire and the Gorgon. Increasing revenue to allow support of a strong standing army is paramount to Rohrmarch?s survival. A road-building program would also facilitate not just trade and increased revenue, but also enhance the defense of the realm.
As Rohrmarch becomes more prosperous, it will appear a more tempting target to rapacious neighbors like the Gorgon and the Vampire. Rohrmarch?s strength is that it lies at the intersection between five cultures, Anuirean, Brecht, Khinasi, elven and dwarven. It can benefit from links between the five cultures and gain the best of them. Trade and cultural links could eventually lead to political and military links.
However, Rohrmarch?s weakness is that it is surrounded by no friendly realm. It would take a lot of adroit diplomacy for a human realm to win the trust of Baruk-Azhik and Coullabhie. Its neighbors also tend to be either politically shaky or outright hostile. Sendoure would make a fine ally, if it can resolve its own internal problems, but Rohrmarch can hope for nothing except hostility from its awnshegh neighbours. For Rohrmarch to be truly viable and expand its influence, a regent of Rohrmarch must eventually think about eliminating some of the awnsheghlien that surround his realm, a daunting task as that may be.

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