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All new rulers are surrounded by those eager to give advice, here are the words of your court.

[top]From General Stiele

Milady, we must rebuild our army. Last year a great force of giants marched through our lands. They marched down the Northbryn river sacking every settlement along the way, before building great longships in Bjondrig and sailing to the west.
Our entire army was smashed by the giants, without aid sent from Anuire we would have barely two hundred to defend the entire realm! As it is many of the giants neither left in their ships nor returned home to the Downs, a number dwell in Romiene in the ruins of Harper's Point, once the largest town of the province.
These brutes must be destroyed at soon as possible and then our borders must be secured on all sides for we are surrounded by foes. Once the army is rebuilt the guilds can be crushed by force ? surely all now see the futility of opposing them with mere words and laws? Brute force is all that will drive out the foreign knaves Storm, Mheallie and Adaer! Then too there is the problem of the goblins, given far too much power under your predecessor, indeed invited within the realm by her - fighting fire with fire is all well and good but once we have spent the lives of the goblins sent by Thurazor in slaying those native to our lands we should finish whichever side survives...

[top]From Helaene Dosiere

Milady, Dhoesone needs your undivided attention in the coming months and years and I fear you shall have little rest. You are not without allies however, the Chamberlain of the Imperial city holds Dhoesone in high regard ? to him it is the last outpost of the empire and so long as we stand Anuirean the empire lives. The elves also have long been allies ? although with lady Fhiele?s departure I fear that relations will suffer.
The goblins also were made allies by Fhiele and her father Hadrien, this as never been an easy alliance, but has always served us well ? although the growing numbers of goblins within Dhoesone must be dealt with sooner or later. The guilds, and the church of Sarimie, are your greatest enemies for they will seek to undermine you at every turn ? Cariele bows to Bireon and the crone would have you do likewise if she could ? though such a victory would be her undoing for the elves would never stand for an expansion of the guilds' power.

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