I wondered about something else:

Unreadable Thoughts as only a minor bloodability gives SR15+
bloodlinemodifier against mindreading and some other bonuses.

Resistance (major) gives SR 15 e.g. of Anduiras against enchantment.

To Resistance no bld. mod. is added?
Is SR 15 for a major ability not much compared to a minor ability which
gives more than 15 (although on a more limited choice)?

Could it be that the intention was to add the bld. mod. to Resistance as
well, just as for Unreadable Thoughts?

SR15+bld. mod. seems not too high for me when you have to defend against the
spell of a caster of any decent level.

e.g. a caster of level 9 like the Eyeless One beats your SR15 with a throw
on a D20 of only 6, or did I misunderstood this?

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