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    Domain Generator


    I've just uploaded in the "download"-"tools" section of this site my "Realm Generator". It is a simple but working generator of domains for quick use. You need Excel 2010 to make it work. (It uses MACROS)

    I was creating some nations for my new Adurian campaign so I devised a tool to help me out in this task.

    It is based on the Appendix present in the Birthright Campaign Rule Book, p.95-96.

    You can specify:
    • the blood strenght of the realm's regent, or leave it "random"
    • set the regent's blood score, or leave it blank for random generation (according to the blood strenght)
    • Decide if the domain comprises or not provinces
    • Decide the class (standard 2nd edition) of the would be regent

    Then "generate" the domain to get:
    • province rating (in case of a "landed" domain") - Note that the terrain type of the province must be manually selected among a set of alternatives coherent with the level
    • Holding level. Basically the macros will allocate design points based on the regent's class
    • Assets. Mainly the points are divided among army and treasury, with the remaining used for fortifications, 0 level holding etc...

    Last notes:
    The program obviously is strongly random in it's output: if you don''t like a particular solution, simply generate another.

    The source levels in case of a "landed" mage can be not coherent with the province levels. (to be fixed asap)

    Let me know your comments!

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    Pretty cool. It will come in handy for Guild/Temple domains, that's for sure.
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    @arpig2: Thanks for trying it!

    I found that there was an error in allocating holding levels for unlanded regents, so I re-uploaded the file!

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