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    I just want to know what you use to convert the regent from 2e to 3e, because some of them got a big increase in level exemple : Harald Khorien level 4 wizard in 2e and level 10 wizard / scolar / magician at the same time Darien Avan pass from level 9 fighter to noble 7 and fighter 2 (same level)

    I just want to make sure i understand for my tables/games

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    IMO we all use different rules of conversion.
    RoC from booklet of Wizards, printed in 2000:
    For multiclass characters - add highest level number to one-third of sum of all other levels (rounded down). Assign this "level pool" as you sees fit.

    Sometimes we slightly "level up" low-level non-spellcasting NPC (1-2 lvl at most) - for gaining levels in 3E is much simplier, than in 2E.

    Sometimes we "boost" spellcasters with a few levels in other classes - for the sake of survivability. NPC classes are most suited for such "boost" - they are slightly underpowered, so we do not shift balance very much.

    And, ofc, we use our twisted imagination and boundless fantasy to describe NPC's as "it seems right" to us.

    I'm also wish to know, what others part of "we" (the community) think?
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    Hmm, I have no idea - I usually don't bother with levels and so on in write-ups.

    I'd generally go L4-6 for someone not too important but who has been around a while and has a fair name, L7-9 for someone supposed to be powerful and also active personally, L10-12 for the biggest toughest people around with a continent-wide sort of rep, and more than that only for legendary types or McGuffins like Great Aunt Katrina.

    One issue with BR is that power and class-level often don't correlate, Rogr Aglongir for example has much more power than his level would indicate. Some people like Avan and Boeruine however look a little under-powered in the 2e write-up - although I'd expect them both to have non-adventuring class levels as they 'have people' for the heroism.

    It depends on your game style though. If you play epic-BR then the 2e write-ups are going to give you very limited challenge so across-the board increases would be reasonable.

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    I generally do a one to one conversion for most of the NPCs. When I did the Magian, I had a disliking of the Epic Levels rules so I converted him to be as close to level 20 as possible. When I do regular wizards, though, after calculating their levels Andrew or Kenneth would boost their levels for sake of survivability and I'm fine with that.

    The problem is between 2e and 3e you generally have to accept that 3e characters are little more powerful than their 2e counterparts. A level 1 character in 3e is more comparable to a 3rd level character in AD&D first edition or BECMI. In 4th Edition it's even more crazy. The typical first level character is comparable to a 4th level or 5th level character in BECMI.
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