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    How to Convert 2E NPC blood abilities

    Has it been stated what to do when converting AD&D 2E Birthright's NPC into D&D 3.5 when they have blood strength not enough high for their blood abilities.
    For exemple:
    Guilder Kalien is Major with Shadow form (great)
    Baerdonnal Tuare is Major with Resistance(great) and Divine wrath
    Maeve is major with Travel

    I think each NPC is a different case. Some NPC don't really need to keep all their power wheras some of them like Kalien was become what they are thank to their power
    I offer different possibilities.
    - Do nothing and accept some inconsistency between NPV sheet and rules
    - Improve the blood strength to fit with blood abilities
    - Replace a NPC blood ability by its lower version
    - If lower version do not exist, delete blood abilities from NPC sheet
    - If lower version do not exist, create a lower version of the blood abilities (either modify rules or add a variant abilities in NPC sheet)
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    I'd suggest another possibility is to allow a feat to be used to get a minor power, or to upgrade a power a level - that way you should be able to iron out minor inconsistencies.

    The brcs scion level system will be another necessary tweak to any npc.

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