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    holy symbols

    I'm not an artist so I'm wondering if there is a picture of the holy symbols of the realm somewhere? I see the descriptions many places but no pictures.



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    Yes, the wiki is a little lacking in generic symbolism, but if you go to and then pick any of the Temple:GODNAME subcategories, you will see lots of examples of how a god's symbol has been used in Cerilian heraldry (thanks to KGauck). While the heraldry is not always canon, the way Ken has done it is that the main symbol is commonly used for each rival church of a particular god but Ken has changed colours and divisions etc. in order to differentiate between them (as all good heralds do).

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    Images of such things can be created, if there is interest.

    I would presume that there are hand held varieties and necklace types. Those worn as clothing probabaly look more like the heraldry than a strait symbol. Artistry of such items certainly varies from priest to priest, temple to temple, and region to region as local aesthetics will play a part.

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