Hi I apologise if this topic is on another thread alreay.. i couldnt see it.

The current wording from the Bless land realm spell seems to be a holdover from when the province level effected the income of the holding in it. That underlying assumption governs the mechanics of the spell So other temples and guilds gain no benfit in this version even though they woud have in the old version.

Further its scaled to the old method of generating income, as written even though it is afirt level spells if the regent is not the holder of the provinces, then the have to be six level or better to make even 1 gb profits on casting the spell. (though the province owner would get 3GB) I know they could ask for some of that money from the regent but for a low level priest it comes close not to be enought money to be worth the finace actions on land holders side.

Finally there is a sliding cost to the RP based on province level vs temple level, but the actual gain in GB is now the the same wether you bless a level o holding in a level one province (costing one rp) or bless a level 2 holding in a level seven province (costing 5rp)

I think the spell needs to be thought out and rebalence a little with the new domain income system ( it needs to be 3.5 ready when 4ed comes out )