LEBR4: The End of Roele 2nd Edition Birthright Ruleset
Openings Available!

LEBR4 is a game set 30 years after the death of Michael Roele. The assorted factions have put a young Emperor, the son of the second oldest sister to the deceased Emperor Michael, on the Iron Throne overseen by a Council of Regency. Friction has begun to appear as the Ducal Houses attempt to hold onto their individual power base, the Imperial Temple of Haelyn attempts to reassert itself as the premier religion in Anuire, Imperial Functionaries attempt to hold onto the power they have accrued over the years, and the border colonies continue to vie for independence!

Will the Empire be reborn, or will the factions continue to fight and sunder the potential for a united Anuire?

If you don't join, you won't know!


Landed Realms:
Elinie- Available
Talinie- Available (Was upgraded to a Duchy when the young Emperor was crowned)

Note: The Imperial Temple of Haelyn has not splintered at this point, being divided into Prelatures with an Archprelate overseeing those beneath them.
ITH Northwest/Storm Coast Prelature
ITH Northcentral Prelature
Life and Protection of Avanalae