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    Character Sheet we use.

    Me and some friends have been playing a birthright game (custom map), and since we all have laptops with excel on them, we figured we'd make a handy character sheet generator for ourselves. It autocalculates most of the gruntwork for you (skillpoints, Attack mods, level adjustments, etc...), and we started adding the Domain section too it. I figured that maybe some of you might find this sheet handy.

    Unfortunatly it doesn't seem to work properly in OpenOffice. OpenOffice seems to have difficulties with the dropdown selection boxes. If anyone has a fix for this please lemme know.

    Anywho, no more chatter from me for now, off to work! That'll do pig... that'll do...
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    Pretty interesting sheet, though maybe overcomplete?

    The calculations are well-made, I'm not too big of an Excel buff, but the fact that the calculations on the domain tab all neatly shift over a cell and a row if you add more to the place where you can slot in province/holding entries is very nice.
    The automatic calculation of skillratings, to-hits and such is great and it makes me wonder if you factored in Synergies as well. I'll have to go try.

    My only point in its over-completeness is that it's strictly tailored to the Birthright setting as it's given in this forum. No additional races or classes possible, or it'll break the sheet.
    I'm poking at this because my DM (and in a sense, me too when I DM) tends to change some things around to where they're more fun, or fit better in the meta-plot he wants to weave into the campaign.

    For example, we have been given a list of alternative classes we could pick. A very strict list mind you. Instead of a Magician, we now have a Warlock. Instead of a regular Paladin, we have a Kensai Knight...
    I realise that it would remove a lot of hard and long work to copy the proper tables and enter the calculations so that one would only have to enter a level and all the saves, spells, bonuses and other material would be auto-calculated, but with a little less rigid choices and a little more manual input, a sheet like this could be used universally for most DnD settings.
    Scrap off the domain bit and go play Planescape, for example.

    As for the Open office bit, sorry. No clue.

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    how hard would it be to make one for AD&D 2.5?

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    On a somewhat related note:

    does anyone know of a good NPC sheet to use for 3.5?

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    Actually, OpenOffice 2.0 seems to work just fine for me. :confused:

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