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    Quote Originally Posted by BRCS Realm Spell Investure
    In any month the interdiction is in effect, every temple holding belonging to the caster must make a contest action against each of the target regent's holdings in the same province. These contest actions do not count as the caster's normal domain action for the month, but the caster must pay the regency cost to maintain the spell. Thus, this spell should be used with great caution, for it can be very damaging to the caster's regency reserve.
    Furthermore, the regent may
    This section of the realm spell confuses me. I thought that temple holdings could not contest anything but other temple holdings. Do temple holdings get the power to contest guild/law holdings held by the landed regent during an interdiction?
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    hmmm, good notice.

    I think that if the temple can contest any holdings of the target regent it must. It also seems that the spell itself, or perhaps just the influence of the church, has other negative effects very similar to a contest action, so it could be more a figure of speech, reffering to the idea that once an interdition is started it must continue until it's final resolution.
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