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    BR AD&D 2E, rules clarification

    I am just a bit confused with a few domain actions as I read them directly from the original 2nd ed. setting:

    Contest action
    Can Law regents provide their holding level in a contest action between 2 other regents?

    e.g. two guilds contest each other. All regents in the domain can assist anyone with RPs. But who can assist with their holding level?

    Rule action
    Can a Law regent oppose with his holding level the ruling of a province? Can the province ruler oppose the ruling of any holding (except source ofc) using his Province rating?

    And finally. Suppose a province (5) has two Law regents. Both have a Law holding (2). One of the two is the province ruler too. The other one contests the law holding of the ruler. So he must roll d20 and roll over :
    10 (Base) + 2 (opponent's Law) - 2 (his Law) + 5 (opponent's province rating) = 15 ?

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    Oh the fun of remembering what the heck we used to do, and trying to separate canon from house rules in the cobwebs of our minds ;-)

    The Rule action (page 59) notes that "the province ruler and any regent with a similar holding in the province can support or oppose the action by adding or subtracting the level of their own holdings."

    The contest action is silent on such support / opposition. It implies that any two regents can contest each other, although the example unhelpfully is guild v guild, and notes that a contested province with L0 law is freed of the contest not by ruling up the province, but by gaining a law holding - although that might simply be because a peaceful province contest action could only work if no law was held (and the loyalty was poor/rebellious).

    My recollection is suspiciously similar to your note though, a guild can support/oppose guild actions, temple can support oppose temple actions, source can support/oppose source actions, but a law can support/oppose any province, law, guild or temple action - the special power of the law holding compared to the guild power (trade routes) and temple/source power (spells).

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    Many thanks man, that is how i done it till now.

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