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    battle idea

    I have a quick idea for homebrew battle resolution. Before I mention it to
    my players, I thought I`d post it here:

    Each army starts the game with a morale score. The starting morale score of
    the army could be based on total size, composition of units, presence of
    magic and/or heroes, the military strength of the realm, or any other
    factors that have yet to be determined. For testing purposes, I`m assuming
    each player involved in a battle will have an army starting with 20 points
    of Morale.

    When a player`s Morale drops to 0 or less, their army is Routed. If retreat
    it possible, the army retreats to a nearby province. If not, the army may
    surrender. If the battle is going in the army`s obvious favor despite the
    reduced Morale and it would be absurd to rule an automatic retreat, the DM
    may rule the army as suppressed. It will stop fighting, but will
    continue fighting in future domain turns. The enemy army has the option to
    retreat or start a new battle (giving each army their full allotment of
    Morale points).

    Once per battle turn, each player may make a Rally check. Each player
    rolls a d20, with a +2 bonus per champion or a +5 bonus if the champion is
    one of the greater awnsheigh. If the player iniating the Rally check
    succeeds in the opposed roll, there is no change in Morale. Otherwise, if
    he loses or is tied in the check, his army automatically loses one point of

    Hence, eventually, constantly fighting, all armies Morale will eventually
    wither down and the army will cease to fight. By seeing to the Morale of
    your troops, you can win against even a superior force not through numbers,
    but simply because your men will fight longer without routing.

    -Lord Rahvin
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    Using morale instead of hits or hit points.

    There could be difficulties, as I'm sure you've already figured out.

    An entire set of variables based on unit types and experience versus the opposing army would pretty much have to be done I guess. IMO this may start to get more compicated then what you are trying to get to. Also undead and monsters might prove difficult to incorporate.

    I think T'char's simple combat resolution system might provide at least some methods for getting to what you want to though.

    Quick and Dirty battle resolution proposal
    Duane Eggert

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