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    So here's a question, perhaps it came up long ago, I couldn't remember.

    Do regents with minor bloodlines receive "regent benefits", most specifically the bonus hit points derived from regency collection? The way the rev. Ch 2 reads, it appears as if one must have a major or higher bloodline to receive these benefits. In fact, the text seems to imply that characters with minor bloodlines aren't really "scions" at all. I don't think this was the intention, but if not then perhaps some text re. minor bloodlines could be added, so that it is made crystal clear exactly what minor scions do or do not receive.


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    Scions, (anyone with a bloodline) with scion class levels gain the regent benefits. If a scion does not have any scion class levels then he/she doesn't gain any of the benefits.

    A minor bloodline will not allow a scion to take a scon class level, but the scion still gets the appropriate number of blood abilities listed.

    This was done for a specific reason. To balance things mechanically the things that raise the "power level" of a scion such that it generally needs to be accounted for are the major and great bloodlines and the bonus hit points (now it is greater than the 2nd ed "10") and any "special" equipment. But on their own these adjustments matter less than when put together. The regent benefits was also something to make it more worth taking a scion class level in the first place.

    In the playtest this was handled by the templates and a scion had to have the +1 template to gain these things (translates to 1 scion class level).

    The descendents of these divine bloodlines are now known as scions.
    Basically anyone with a bloodline. The follow text goes on to describe the differences in bloodline strengths (from tainted all the way to true).

    But it is a good point and probably deserves some more description in the paragraph on blooodlines with the example of a minor, 32 where it talks about not being able to have bloodline abilities of greater level than designation of bloodline strength. Should clarify that a character needs to have 1 scon class level for major and 2 for great also.
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