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    what hapens if you get a very large domain? should you get more than one standared domain action. i mean if two reagents each own one provence each could make one new holding in there provence, but if one reagent owned both provences he could only make one holding.
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    You get the same number of actions regardless of the size of your realm/domain. I'll discuss this in both terms of the original and the BRCS.

    In the original this limitation is derived from the fact that the regent must devote a significant amount of personal attention to each action undertaken, so that a limitation on the number of actions naturally arises because there just isn't enough time in the day to do everything that you want to.

    In the new edition, the limitation is derived from a similar reason. However, the limitation here arises from the court rather than from the regent (now that there is a distinction between standard and character actions) so that there is a limitation on the government's bureaucracy as to the amount of work they can accomplish in any given month, however this can be mitigated somewhat by increasing the amount of money applied to the court and thus gaining court actions, so larger more prosperous realms can accomplish more than poorer realms.

    If you gain a very large realm then eventually it will become unfeasable to rule it efficiently. The best solution is to create other vassal-regents. They will be able to undertake actions on their own, and you gain a source of income without having to worry about day to day administration. When limited by the size of holdings this was a relatively common strategy. It was used by Republican Rome in relation to its Client states and by feudal europe as well.

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