I am soon beginning a new version of my Enothril Birthright PBEM.
Enothril is a world of my own design which is strongly based on the real
late medieval pre-gunpowder world. This version of the game covers the
lands of Hormean religion, which are similar to western and central
Europe. I am currently taking player applications for the game. The game
website is found here: http://enothril.topcities.com/EBR/index.html

Features of the game include:

* extensive historical background
* intricate political and religious situation, including diverse
political government structures in different realms in the game
* detailed genealogies for ruling families of all realms in the game,
allowing for dynastic alliances and questions of inheritance
* random and cause-consequence events to keep everyone on their toes
* reworked and simplified character system that requires no knowledge of
D&D character creation rules and allows greater effect on strategic
elements of the game
* several new rules to improve and enrich the setting, such as trade
caravans and province cultures

If you wish to join, go to the abovementioned website and follow the
instructions on the Joining page.