Quoting Anthony Juarez <lordrahvin@TMAIL.COM>:

> I thought you meant that the role of his air portfolio better defined

> this god than his rulership portfolio, which is exactly the kind of

> things those power levels (for lack of a better term) were supposed to

> represent.

To cross-topics somewhat, I`m actually slightly miffed that Anduiras`

inheritor, Haelyn, seems to have a lost a lot of the emphasis on "wind and

air". I suppose that amongst his greatest fans, the Anuireans, "primitive"

elemental-style worship must be out of vogue. In my conception of Rjurik and

Basarji beliefs Haelyn (Holn, Halaia) has a more "wind-oriented" areas of

concern. In Rjurik I see a lot of Holn`s intangible traits (honour, justice,

etc) as being associated with a "wind that clears things away". I see the (in

my opinion) warrior followers of Halaia in Khinasi as making strong use of

wind-analogies in their mystical teachings. I have even made use of such

symbols (with one of my own characters) in Anuire, when a cleric went to a

windy cliff to indulge in a bit of eremetic adoration of Haelyn.


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