n a slightly related topic, what are people`s opinions on

> the number of bridges across major rivers in Anuire? The

> Maesil might be too broad at its lower part, but what about

> further up towards Mhoried? And what about rivers like the

> Spider River and the Elfwash?

AFAIK, there was a project to bridge the Spider River mentioned in PS:

Roesone (is Morg our Roesone expert in the house to correct me?). I

believe this was abandoned due to the width, and large ferries were used


I presume that the Maesil is, therefore, too wide to bridge. I expect

that ferries would be the norm; although perhaps a ford near the swamps

of Tuornen might exist (there is an Alamien province called "Maesford"

that might have a place to cross).


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