have been thinking the ame myself, and to a certain extent

> that emchaninc can be used for the original cleric spells.

> There are several issues that must stil be solved though,

> e.g. guidelines for purity (or perhaps some better

> name) for clerics devoted to non-Lawful Good/Neutral gods.

> The way one aquires Purity might also not be that applicable

> to a lot of campaign styles.

Thinking up a new name is one of the problems I am currently having ;)

And Yes, the guidelines for purity gain would have to be very different,

and probably different for each deity.

> The use of different ease factors for different deities is a

> very good idea. Some people have complained that the

> difference between clerics of each deity disappeared with the

> 3e conversion, and this could be a really good way of

> mimicing the different portfolio of each.

Indeed. I think there are some things that all priests can try and do,

although some may be better at it than others, and also some things that

are specific to the worshippers of each deity.

> The major hurdle is the realm spell equivalent for clerics.

> For wizards the use of rituals combined with large amounts of

> vis is a good way of modelling arcane realm spells. For the

> clerics there is no similar system presente din the Kabbalah

> book, and there is also a need for some way of reflecting

> regency points or similar for them.

I`m working on this as well. I`ve yet to get something I am entirely

happy with, but it is for the most part functional.

> The most promissing idea I`ve had is to use a rule that

> depletes the cleric`s Divine Might (that is my way of

> representing Blood Lines) for a period of time. Another

> option is to grant cleric regents `Worship Points` based on

> the number of followers. These can be used similarly to Vis

> for casting ritual spells.

It will almost certainly be based on the level or "ritual support" and

not so much on the cleric`s personal might.

> Hey hey hey! You`re getting us all quite interested now. Is

> this a PBeM in the BR setting, or some other world using BR

> domain rules?

When (if?) it all comes together it will -most likely- be set in Anuire.

I`ve had thoughts about France, but Anuire is a lot more easy to set up

and keep track of than France ;)


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