es of starting a new thread, in case you missed it...

Oh, also, when I try to access using Netscape 4.79 for Linux, I get:

> The requested URL /js/ns.css was not found on this server.

Mozilla 1.0.1, OTOH, handles it fine.

> Ack! Arjan, starting with this post I`m getting everything from the

> boards packed so full of HTML commands that I can barely find, much less

> read, the actual text. Save me, please!


> Here`s an example of what I`m seeing on the mailing list, with angle

> brackets changed to square ones and ampersands to dollar signs in the hope

> they`ll come through on the web:


> [!--QuoteBegin--Azrai+Jul 3 2003, 11:58 AM--][/span][table border=`0` align=`center` width=`95%` cellpadding=`3` cellspacing=`1`][tr][td]QUOTE (Azrai @ Jul 3 2003, 11:58 AM)[/td][/tr][tr][td id=`QUOTE`][!--QuoteEBegin--] Invisibility and Fly are campaign-changing spells but should not be prohibited. They are essential.[br] [!--QuoteEnd--] [/td][/tr][/table][span class=`postcolor`] [!--QuoteEEnd--][br] Those spells can save the whole group sometimes, naturally they CHANGE a campain, but I don$#39;t think, those spells unbalance it. [br][br]Fly only one round per level? I see such a change as a new 2nd level spell... [!--emo$:P--][img src=`` border=`0` style=`vertical-align:middle` alt=`tongue.gif`][!--endemo--] [br][br]Resurrection? Well, there are not this much clerics, who can cast it. Cancelling those spells, but allowing a wish/ miracle is the same as allowing it only a bit later. This would only work with K.Gauck$#39;s idea of halving spellcasters in level. IMO both isn$#39;t the right way...