On the longest night of the year, when Haelyn`s constellation dips below
the horizon, a fiery meteor burns across the heavens, appearing over the
sea west of Baerghos Island, clearly visible over the Imperial City and
most of the southern coast, across the gulf of coeranys, streaking low
over Binsada, and impacts somewhere in the lands claimed by the Sphinx or
the Tarvan Waste.

What could it be? Is it the weapon of a god, finally spinning back to
Aebrynnis all these centuries after Deismaar? Is it a fiend or an angel,
falling from some celestial battle? Will it tear open a rift to the
shadow world where it strikes? Is it a meteor of iron or adamant or
tighmaevril? Nearby Khinasi states will certainly send riders to
investigate, but they may never return. Will any Anuireans or Brechts
make the long journey? What will they find?
Daniel McSorley

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