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    How about this for an idea??

    This is my first post here!! Hopefully I will not throw any bane on anyones ideas, but so far, I here that BR is not about dungeons per se but kingdoms and realms and all that. However, I don't see why you can't have both. I mean there are some nice cities that have buildings, or othe dwellings. There seems to be so many ways to create a campaign that is "Hack and Slash" or "Wizard Quest" or any variation thereof. I am very impressed with this setting and look forward to creating some campaigns of these kinds, and I hope to possibly fins some players to play it! I am waiting to talk to some folks and waiting for the full conversion to 3rd Ed. Any thoughts on the subject would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Hey... welcome to the boards...

    Actually, i use Birthright as my primary roleplaying setting, and don't run realm/rulership aspect at all. The ability to rule a domain was (and i think still is) unique to Birthright, but the campaign setting itself is easily the best i've ever seen. That's the great thing about Birthright. You -can- have it both ways.


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    > I here that BR is not about dungeons per se but kingdoms and
    > realms and all that. However, I don`t see why you can`t have both.

    You certainly can have both, but BR provides the ability to frame such
    dungeon crawls in terms of broader politics. If you are just a bunch of
    adventurers and you are hired by the Prince of Avanil to recover the Sword
    of Justice from the ruins of the temple of Elevesmiere, DM`s can instantly
    build in a whole set of enemies, and friendly and not so friendly rivalries.
    If Boeruine has a party out to get this Sword, they are almost certainly
    enemies, and the gloves may well be off in encounters with them. Rhobher
    Nichaleir may well consider the Sword the property of the Western Imperial
    Temple, and encounters with his agents may be friendly when confronting
    mutual enemies, while honorable rivals with the party themselves. Laela
    Flaertes may regard the location of the Sword as reason enough to send a
    party to seccure the sacred weapon. The Militant Order of Cuiraecen might
    want the sword, and be willing to fight, but not kill, rival parties.
    Perhaps the Orthadox Imperial Temple thinks the new location of the Sword
    should be in reliquary at Moere. Any number of guilders might just want
    the thing to sell it quitely to the highest bidder. This whole incident
    might have been intentionally provoked by Rhuobhe Manslayer to distract the
    foolish humans while he puts his real plan in motion. Suddenly this little
    dungeon crawl has political implications throughout Anuire.

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    Originally posted by robotman757
    I here that BR is not about dungeons per se but kingdoms and realms and all that. However, I don't see why you can't have both.
    The Birthright setting provides us with a realistic and believable fantasy world. All the kingdoms, realms, political and devine intervention serve us as a background for a good campaign. DM's who know all these backgrounds can create really good adventures, without even using any realm action in the game.

    A good dungeon crawl is also needed in every campaign. On Cerilia you can get what you want.
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