Don't hesitate to send a mail to the GROG when the pdf will be available.
We are a french site who try (and succeed in our way) to reference all the RPG of the world.
We will be happy to announce this DD3 version of Birthrigt in order to show your work to french players.
We're not able to offer you a miror for the download but we are ready to talk about this edition.
You can contact us on

And we are looking for the biography of Tony Szczudlo, so if you read this words, Tony, will you accept to give us your bio ? We will translate it in french in order to add you at our database.

Thanx for your job, guys, you will give some pleasure to a lot of european players who love Birthright (like me of course !)

French DM

PS : et un petit bonjour en passant aux francophones qui lisent ce forum. N'hésitez pas à laisser une critique à propos de Birthright sur le Grog...