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Community teams » Welcoming Committee » Welcoming Committee/Join
Thanks for your interest in joining our team!
If you would like to apply for membership, click 'open a new application' sign above, put your name in the subject line, and write a short comment about why would like to join and why you think you would be a helpful member! Make sure to sigh your post at the end so the team leader can find you. The team leader will evaluate you, and leave a message on your talk page with more info.

[1]NAMESPACE[/var]:Welcoming_Committee/Join&action=edit&section=new Open a new application]

[top]Recently Accepted


I would love to help new members to BR Wiki because I was new once and no one helped me ;). I only just now got around to learning to post properly and I hope that it is acceptable! This would be a great opportunity for me and I would love to be a helpful part of the community.
Example 01:02, 13 Mar 2006 (EST)
Welcome to the Welcoming Committee! --Arjan 3:09 PM PDT 26 Apr 2006


Hey, I wouldn't mind helping out with WelComm. I would like to help the new people here. I know it can be a bit intimidating if it's someone's first time on a wiki. If you add me to the team, do you mind stopping by my talk page and giving me a bit more info about what you will expect of me? Thanks ~Sorontar 09:20 PDT 5 May 2006
Welcome to the Welcoming Committee! I'll leave a bit more info on your talk page. --Arjan 9:32 AM PDT 5 May 2006

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Applications under review go here...

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