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Legendary Items: Mertheal?s Wrath

Since I like settings where magic is limited, or tiny magic things are abundant, but big items/spells are sparse, items like these get a little more than just a description and power-set.
Common knowledge is what anyone with the right skill or a Bardic check could know, further history is more of an Identify thing. It all boils down to flavor.
Mertheal?s Wrath
Common knowledge
This is an Adamantine Greatmaul used by the king Mertheal Hadiloch to great effectiveness. The king was a giant of a man, and his favored weapon fit his posture. When wielded in battle, a resounding roar is emitted from the weapon to strike fear in the enemies' hearts and rattle their bones on impact. No enemy, near or far, is safe from its touch.
The hammer has been forged from a single piece of Adamant, it seems, and the head is decorated with reliefs of charging boars. A white strip of leather is tightly wound along the grip, and careful examination would prove it to be a white dragons' skin. The end of the shaft is topped with the only non-adamant piece on the entire weapon, a gold boars' hoof.
Further history
The greatmaul had been a gift for the king from his colleague and fellow member on the Iron Council, the Warlock-King Jarod Lindfaller. At that time it had been made to roar when wielded and on impact. To commemorate the birth of King Hadilochs' first son, Jarod had added another enchantment to the weapon, it would return to its wielders hand if thrown or dropped.
Ever since the first appearance, the weapon had been added to the kings image when crusading, leading his troops or even addressing his people on a festival. It became known as his Wrath, and none would want to feel it.
The weapon is a masterwork adamantine greatmaul. It is enchanted with the Sonic damage effect and the Returning quality.
As an artefact, of course, it is priceless.
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