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Mages in Andrew Tall's campaign

This article is Fan Fiction
The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official Birthright lore or history.
The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

In my campaign magic of all kinds - both priestly and wizardly is rare. The treatment of wizards is similar to that in many of Barbara Hambley's books - they are scorned by the priesthoods and generally hated openly by most unless they are powerful enough to command fear instead. The following works for all tribes (albeit needing more or less interpretation) except the Khinasi- further proof of their decadence to the other tribes of man.
As a result wizards tend to come in the following shapes and sizes:

To me 'priest' is simply a job title, open to any class; and who better to speak for the gods than a wizard? The priest likely really thinks that they are calling on the power of the gods - and the power of their magic is itself proof that they are correct in their mind. A priest will not research spells - although they may seek out ancient 'prayers', as a result they will probably have a very tight list of spells known, and likely clutter these up with pointless gestures and incantations (since they don't truly understand what they are doing). Anyone fool enough to point out that the powers of the priest and those of a hated Azrai-worshiping wizard are identical is in for a short walk to a burning stake unless they recant sharpish - the lord of lies puts such thoughts in the minds of the uncertain to lead them from the path of righteousness, and those who walk willingly down the path of shadows must have the darkness burned from their heart if they are to be saved...

Church Bound
Born or broken to church servitude, Church-bound wizards have tightly restricted lives, but within those restrictions are protected by the power of the mother church itself. Generally less knowledgeable than other wizards (because much knowledge is forbidden to them) some church-bound go beyond the normal limitations and become bound in name only, outwardly a loyal servant of the church but in reality simply wearing its protection as a cloak, most Church Bound however are slaves in all but name and utterly dependent on the mercy of the inquisitor to whom they are assigned.

Realm rulers
Blessed by the gods and possessing the divine right of kings these wizards are an exception to the rule - so long as they, in their wisdom, show proper respect for the church and do not favor lesser mages of course. This is simply a pragmatic decision on both parts, the church cannot oppose the head of state given the relative combat ability of soldiers of the realm on one side and bookish monks on the other (although monks of Haelyn, Chuiraecen and Belinik may be very able in combat of course), the ruler in turn knows that if the church stands against them then rulership will be bloody at best. Of course in many realms both ruler and priests truly believe that the ruler is truly different to other mages.

Court mages
Backed by a ruler the court mage is an irreplaceable member of the court to the ruler - knowledgeable about the Shadow World, Awnsheghlien and other things beyond mortal ken the court mage is the prime target of every priest in the realm, yet at the same time untouchable - so long as the ruler continues to favor them.

Wandering mage
Whether a wandering mage actually wanders is not in point - they are a mage without status or allies to defend them. Typically a wandering mage will "set up shop" in a given area and sell minor charms, give advice, etc until driven out by an enraged priest. The key difference between a wandering mage and a hedge wizard is that a wandering mage typically has real power, whether they reveal it or not.

Hedge Wizard
Typically a magician the hedge wizard is the opposite of the court mage. Often dealing as much in sleight of hand and 'love potions' as real magic the hedge wizard is both the favored target of inquisitors and the wizard who is safest from them -a hedge wizard obviously has no power and makes a handy 'reminder' to the populace of the need for a priesthood to defend the common man from the fiends of the world.

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