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The Upper Anuire Traders once considered significant expansion into Dhoesone but for now appear content to hold their own and simply extract every copper that they can from their holdings, the guild is unpredictable however for Guildmaster Gaelin Thuried's influence wanes as his gluttony increases and health declines and his underlings are increasingly independent and keen to prove themselves potential successors.

[top]A royal feast

Gaelin Thuried has hired several hunters to bring him the flesh of the legendary White Stag of Dhoesone, believing that its flesh will restore much of his lost health, Gaelin has sponsored several knights of Haelyn to slay the stag for him and caused the death of at least one druid who sought to protect the stag.

[top]The loyal guilder

Well aware that he has but a toehold in Dhoesone, Gaelin uses his known ties to the Dukes of Mhoried and Boeruine to try to win the baronesses favor. Gaelin is currently aiding captain Pierden Brodig in lobbying the Duke of Boeruine to send more troops to Dhoesone with the hope that the baroness will then aid him in replacing one of the larger 'rebellious' guilders. Unfortunately for Gaelin the elfin baroness was repulsed by the guildmaster's gross personal habits on the few occasions when they met in person and has little time for him or his minions.

[top]The flower of power

Gaelin has never had significant influence in Romiene, but that does not however he will pass up an opportunity to profit from resources unexploited by others. He has begun harvesting the black poppies of the Thein bridge, while the locals will not make use of the gummy sap from the poppies several nobles of Mhoried have come to smoke the narcotic enjoying the feeling of power it gives.

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