Thurazor Goblin Dictionary

"The goblins have a culture and language that are unique to the continent of Cerilia. It is only by gaining knowledge of their oft complex language that we may truly begin to understand their culture."
- The Bearcat
When I was captured and held hostage by a band of hostile Thurazor goblins I came realize that the above statement is true. In the spring of 1522 HC a wealthy employer in Dhoesone hired me to investigate the activities of what appeared to be a fledgling awnshegh in the area near the border with Thurazor. In the end it turned out that the "awnshegh" was merely a fledgling magician pulling pranks on the neighboring farmers, and making a tidy profit off of them at the same time. When confronted with these facts (and a skilled Brecht swordsman) the illusionist decided that his path to continued health lay in the direction more tree inclined direction and pursued it heartily. As I am no Rjurik, I quickly became disoriented in the thickness of the wilderness. It wasn't long before I came upon a heavily armed warparty of at least two score goblins, most of them of the big variety. [Please note that the author is prone to exaggeration. I have come to believe that what Mr. Blixen encountered was a so-called "trading party", which generally consists of six small goblins and a leader. Since Blixen had nothing to trade or steal the party took him instead. - Bearcat] After a pitched battle, with great losses on their part, the goblins managed to immobilize me. They then trussed me up like a pig and bore me back to the village.
By chance the tribal shaman spoke some Brecht. I explained my value to him and by brilliant rhetoric was able to convince him to spare me (and ransom me off instead). [I noticed that Tarek returned from this adventure without his signet ring, a family heirloom that I had always suspected of being magical. I believe that he bribed that shaman. - B] My patron delayed to pay the ransom (he finally decided to take it out of my reward), and to pass the time the shaman began to teach me his language. I took the time to pen my lessons so that I could later write the book which you now hold.
I would like it to be known that this dictionary is not comprehensive. I have only put down the one hundred-fifty some words that I was able to learn during my captivity. To believe that you can function flawlessly with this vocabulary is extremely naive. All people who read this volume are advised to exercise caution whenever they deal with goblins and their ilk. Thank you.
- Tarek von Blixen

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