Thendiere Mhoried the elder

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Thendiere Mhoried became the Mhor almost a hundred years ago. He married Caliendre Diem and they had three sons and two daughters.
Nolan Mhoried succeeded as Mhor. He married Marlae Haensen of Elinie. Daeric Mhoried is their son.
Ruormad Mhoried married Elaine Isilviere. Fiona Mhoried is their daughter.
Gareth Mhoried married Elaene Tuor. Jaedime Tuor and Elaene Tuor are their daughters.
Shannen Mhoried married Richard Dhoesone. Their daughter, Fhiele Dhoesone, was taken by Queen Ibelcoris Llyrandor. Shannen went mad, wandering out onto a partially frozen lake after what she took to be the sight of her child.

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