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Meson the Wolfman
This creature stalks its prey in the Coulladaraight, most often near Treucht and Rheulgard, but he was once spotted as far afield as Kiergard. The best account on Meson is given to us by a militiaman from the realm of Justina Heulough, also known as the Banshegh's Domain:
"The wolfman stands at the height of a normal man, and he wears a finely-crafted suit of armor with wolf motifs all over. All I saw other than the armor was his face and hands, and they were covered with a fine, glossy brown fur, finer than a wolf's pelt, but his fingers ended in huge claws."
"We were fighting Rheulgardian invaders in a clearing when the wolfman burst out of the woods and started tearing everybody apart. Within minutes, we're the only ones left standing -- and he just bowed, said a polite how-do-you-do, gave his name as Meson, and bounded off. His accent placed him from somewhere east of here, but I can't say that his features looked human at all."
"Maybe he's not half-wolf and half-man, but he was obviously dangerous, I still don't know why he left us alone, but I'm grateful. Maybe he's just out to kill Rheulgardians too, like us, do you think?"

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