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The Gorgon's offspring fall into the following groups:

[top]The Firstborn

Soon after the battle of Mount Deismaar, Raesene Andu sought to found a dynasty, at first this was with his wife Tara, the black princess; then after she freed herself from the charm of Azrai which had bound her to Raesene's will and fled, the Gorgon sired on whichever female caught his attention.
  • The Drake, a cunning wizard who was undoubtedly assassinated by his father's minions centuries ago but remains worshipped by many orogs across Cerilia

[top]The Secondborn

When Raesne Andu began his transformation into the Gorgon, his children began to be born brutishly abnormal. Those who possessed a bloodline and a reasonably sound mind are known as the Secondborn in the Gorgon's Crown. Oddly despite the fact that the Gorgon's bloodline had almost certainly increased over the centuries, the bloodlines of the Secondborn weakened - perhaps in some way it manifested in their warped bodies. Whatever the reason the Gorgon sees the Secondborn as little threat to him and many have survived to serve him to this day.
  • Maul, the Brute of Kal-Saitharak. This tough but dim scion guards the Gorgon's chambers and the citadel itself on the rare occasions that the Gorgon marches forth. Maul is said to be a half-ogre although his lumpen features make it hard to determine.

  • Darnae Andu, the beautiful daughter who often sits by the Gorgon's feet at court. Her only visible physical differences to a normal Anuirean are her eyes which are the purest black without any iris or white. Rumor holds though that her blood is black, that she has leathery wings and even a tail! Darnae often undertakes negotiations for her father on minor matters. She is noted for her appetites and has seduced a great many of her father's foes into revealing themselves.

[top]The Monstrous

In some of the Gorgon's children the offspring were entirely monstrous, but without a bloodline. A few of these offspring in turn sired their own children and so new races came into being. The most common of these are:
  • Gorgons. These brutal warriors are made in their father's image - tall humanoids with armored skin and great strength. A few of the strongest even manifest the deadly killing gaze of the Gorgon.

  • Gorgunne. These bull-like beasts are rumored to be the result of the Gorgon's liaisons with bovines after human and even ogre females proved insufficiently resilient to satisfy his lust, those who joke about this do so either far from the Gorgon's Crown or never make the same joke twice - none mock the Black Prince and live to tell of it. Gorgunnes have scaled backs and sides, a petrifying gaze and truly dire breath. Gorgunnes seem to be mostly solitary, mating with normal cattle to reproduce - the offspring is a gorgunne, almost inevitably male. A handful of females have been known, any offspring between a male and female gorgunne is a truly exceptional specimen of the breed - and often exhibits a disturbing amount of intelligence.

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