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Pull this in with {{
, or, if you like, {{subst:Delete/Talk|your reason for deletion}}.

You will automatically be entered as the first Delete vote.

This article is nominated for deletion.   The policy requires a consensus vote: please vote or comment below!   Please do not mark this for termination or remove this message until the voting has met Deletion policy requirements.   If one side stays in the lead by three votes for five days, that side wins the vote!

How to place your vote:
  • Simply click [Edit] in the upper-right hand corner of the Votes section, and type exactly one of the following below the other present votes:

{{vote|Keep|~~~~|your notes or leave empty}}, or
:{{vote|Delete|~~~~|your notes or leave empty}}
  • Then click Save page and you are done!

If you are voting in favor of deletion, please check up on what is linking to the article!
When one side is winning:
  • If you are adding the winning vote (or if you notice that one side has won but 5 days has not yet passed):
  • : Change the {{Delete/Vote}} on this talk page to {{Delete/Closing}}
  • : (this is optional - it just makes closing votes easier to find; if you are uncertain, leave it at {{Delete/Vote}})

  • If Keep has won, and 5 days has passed:
    1. Remove {{Delete}} from the article
    2. Remove {{Delete/Vote}} from this talk page. Do not remove the votes!

If necessary, you may archive votes to Template:Delete/Talk/Archivevote.

[h="2"] Deletion vote [/h]
[div] style="margin: 1em 0em 2em 3em;" |
[template]vote|Delete|~~|{{{1|original submitter}}}[/template]
[h="3"] Comments [/h]


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