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Community teams » Stub Team
This community team is still in development. As we get more members and nominate a leader, this page will be filled out with more info about what we do and how we do it.
If you would like to join, leave a note here!

[top]Team Members

#Sorontar (talk) (contr) active
#Arjan (talk) (contr) active
Stubs Quicksheet *


Beware repercussions


The primary purpose of this group is to scout out our pages for links to pages that we do not currently have. The most easy way to do so would be to look at Wanted Pages (wiki special page) and move from there. The secondary duty of this group is to merge multiply-linked pages into one.
Finally, this group is responsible for maintaining the quality of the stub templates.

[top]Application of Stubs

[top]Stubs To Review

Please see the following templates:

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