• Read Lips was a skill in D&D 3.0 and was rolled into the Spot skill in 3.5 and the BRCS.

[top]Read Lips (INT); Trained Only; Rogue Only

You can understand what others are saying by watching their lips.
You must be within 30 ft of the speaker to be able to see her speak. You must be able to understand the speaker's language. (Use of this skill is language dependent.) The base DC is 15, and it is higher for complex speech or an inarticulate speaker. You have to concentrate on reading lips for a full minute before making a skill check, and you can't perform some other action during this minute. You can move at half speed, but not any faster, and you must maintain a line of sight to the lips being read. If the check succeeds, you understand the general content of a minute's worth of speaking, but you usually still miss certain details.
If the check fails, you can't read the speaker's lips. If the check fails by 5 or more, you draw some incorrect conclusion about the speech.
The DM rolls your check, so you don't know whether you succeeded or missed by 5 or more.
[top]Try Again
The skill can be used once per minute.

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