The following is a directory of portals in the English BrWiki together with who founded them and when, and who maintains them.
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Please insert new entries under the appropriate category and wikify both date and year so personally preferred date formats are inserted for registered users. Please list your portal using Template:template portal2 portal2 template (ie, {{portal2|Name}}). When the portal is complete and of good quality, add it to Portal:List of portals. Please note that if portals added to these pages do not conform with the portal guidelines, then they will be removed.


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[top]Culture and the arts

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(talk · [wiki="var]SERVER[/var][template=localurl:portal:amusement parks action history]Template:localurl:portal:amusement parks action history[/template] history] · [noedit][url="[template=localurl:portal:amusement parks]Template:localurl:portal:amusement"]parks[/template] watch[/url])
September 1 2007Seaserpent85WikiProject Amusement Parks

[top]Geography and places


(talk · [wiki="var]SERVER[/var][template=localurl:portal:atlas action history]Template:localurl:portal:atlas action history[/template] history] · [noedit][url="[template=localurl:portal:atlas]Template:localurl:portal:atlas[/template]"]watch[/url])
November 2008Arjan

[top]History and events


Indian independence movement class="plainlinks" |
(talk · [wiki="var]SERVER[/var][template=localurl:portal:indian independence movement action history]Template:localurl:portal:indian independence movement action history[/template] history] · [noedit][url="[template=localurl:portal:indian independence movement]Template:localurl:portal:indian"]independence movement[/template] watch[/url])
| December 29 2006
Sushant gupta

[top]Philosophy, religion, and spirituality


(talk · [wiki="var]SERVER[/var][template=localurl:portal:philosophy action history]Template:localurl:portal:philosophy action history[/template] history] · [noedit][url="[template=localurl:portal:philosophy]Template:localurl:portal:philosophy[/template]"]watch[/url])
November 21 2005Go for it!, Infinity0Nishkid64, WikiProject Philosophy

[top]People & Society


(talk · [wiki="var]SERVER[/var][template=localurl:portal:biography action history]Template:localurl:portal:biography action history[/template] history] · [noedit][url="[template=localurl:portal:biography]Template:localurl:portal:biography[/template]"]watch[/url])
May 20 2005MattMatt, --Aude
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