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There are four major changes to the skills system in Pathfinder compared to Dungeons & Dragons Edition 3.5. Smaller changes changes also exist with some skill descriptions
  • Some skills from 3.5 were dropped and consolidated in Pathfinder according to the following table.

3.5 SkillPathfinder Skill
DecipherScript Linguistics
Gather InformationDiplomacy
Move SilentlyStealth
Open LockDisable Device
Speak LanguagesLinguistics
Use Rope?
  • A character always gets the same number of skill ranks, rather than starting with a large number at 1st level. Instead, the following system is employed.

Skill Skill Check is Equal To

Untrained 1d20 + Ability modifier + racial modifier

Trained 1d20 + Skill ranks + ability modifier +racial modifier

Trained Class Skill 1d20 + Skill ranks + ability modifier + racial modifier + 3

Armor check penalty applies to all Strength and Dexterity-based skill checks.
  • There is no penalty to purchase skills not listed as class skills. All ranks are purchased equally. The benefit to purchasing a class skills comes with its use, as shown above.
  • There are no synergy bonuses in Pathfinder.

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