Oaken Grove of Aeric

The Oaken Grove of Aeric may be thought of as an Anuirean branch of the Rjurik Oaken Grove of Erik. With significant influence in Dhoesone and Mhoried while barely any influence in Cariele or Talinie, it brings the values of Aeric to the people of Haelyn, especially trying to temper the abuse of the natural resources in the realms. However, in Cariele, Dhoesone, and Talinie, it is fighting a difficult battle against the guilds.

The Oaken Grove is found throughout Anuire, but is mostly a lonely circle of druids consulted only by rangers, woodsmen, and Rjurik expatriots. The northern parts of Anuire are yet enough of a wilderness to give the druids knowledge and powers which make them figures of wisdom and lore among the Anuireans. In Dhoesone and Talinie, the respect for an orderly nature promulgated by Fitzalan and Janna many tounged increases the appreciation of the people there for druids of Aeric.

The difference between the Rjurik version of the temple and the Anuirean is mostly a function of the priesthood. The theological teachings are the same, and Günther Brandt, the Archdruid of the Oaken Grove of Erik, runs the whole thing as one vast domain. But the further south one goes, the more isolated the priesthood is from the Rjurik branch of the temple. This results in a thoroughly Anuirean temple of Aeric once you pass south of the Northern Marches.

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