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A growing faith in the north, several plots and rumours affect Larra Nielems holdings in Dhoesone.

[top]Diamonds are for now

Wealth untapped is wealth wasted, a shiny pebble bartered from a goblin by a follower of the faith turned out to be an unworked gemstone of some value.

The goblin said he found the diamond where the river Skyr (a tributary of the Ruide that comes from the Silverhead mountains enters the woods of northern Soniele. The goblin tribe refused to consider searching for other diamonds or mining operations of any sort preferring the raid for what they desired, so be it, the church knows how to deal with goblins who reject industry and commerce.

Clearly are riches to be had - if the goblins of the woods can be cleared. With wealth would come influence for the church and as a result the NRC is sponsoring skilled warriors to rid the woods of the goblin trouble - though it must do so quietly to avoid angering Daeric who values the current peace between his subjects and the goblins in his County.

[top]A horse! A horse! My county for a horse!

The NRC recently paid a great deal to a merchant to obtain a stallion of exceptional quality to be sent to them. Something happened to the merchant and the stallion was stolen - the NRC aims to find it in order to win the favor of the hippophilic Count of Riveside and avoid a major loss of face for failing to produce the promised beast.

[top]The way to a man's heart is through his loins

Count Rogr Dhariel has got in the way of the NRC once to often, a vocal Haelynite he derides the church as money grubbers and gamblers and often supports Haelyn's Bastion of Truth against the Northern Reformed Church. Knowing his propensity for attractive women Larra has decided to lure him into a rendezvous he'll not return from with the aid of an exiled Vos witch - and if he does escape her wiles then at the very least a half-Vos bastard might shame him into acquiescence.

[top]Noble belief

Young Brandi Bjondrig is considering joining the faith, as a noble she would be a valuable convert - however her parents are adamantly opposed. Larra sees clearing the girl's path into the faith as both a religious and as a personal duty - she just needs to find a way to persuade / appease the parents.

[top]All the wealth of the world

Druids tend to see forests and the like as valuable in and of themselves. Sera teaches by contrast that the land only has value for what it can provide to those who would make use of it. The strife between the NRC and Dhoesone's druids is generally non-violent as the NRC prefers to appeal to logger's greed to overcome the druid's objections than act directly against the druids.

Some druids however are a little too effective at speaking against logging for the liking of the NRC. Several druids who refused to bow to progress have been assassinated by the more extreme members of the NRC, as have a small number of elves; Larra deplores these people as they upset her more subtle plans and risk rousing military action against her - but that doesn't stop her hiding any sign of their activity from outsiders or acting to protect her churches 'good name' if their acts are discovered.

Larra's efforts to root out these 'rogue agents' amongst her people has led them to use cats-paws and otherwise deniable agents wherever possible, this shift in methodology has appeased Larra to a degree as it reduces the risk to the faith.

[top]Life's little luxuries make it all worthwhile

While Erik's druids tend to preach austerity and Haelyn's faithful believe luxuries should be restricted to the nobility, Sarimie's faithful encourage all the faithful to indulge in pleasure and hedonism - once the day's work is done.

The NRC is frequently accused of subverting the peasantry by nobles who would rather the peasants simply worked harder than indulged in games (other than archery and other hobbies useful to the nobility). The church often has to smuggle its wines, linens, games and the like about the realm to avoid 'duties' levied by the nobles or outright confiscation.

The gambling dens run by the NRC are likewise required to be small and mobile for the Haelynites in particular abhor the way that the peasants can become indebted to the church of Sarimie - or worse win enough money to break free from their lowly social status.

Assistance with legal but 'frowned upon' activities such as this is always needed by the church and most of the church's agents started out with tasks of this nature.

[top]A head weighed down by steel gives poor advice

The troubles of the realm give the Haelynites a significant advantage - the warrior priests are ever at the ear of the baroness when goblin, elven, gnoll or Rjurik raiders are about which is much of the time. As such the NRC sees undermining the Haelynites military reputation as key to unseating the church itself.

Larra has begun feeding information on Haelynite activity to some of the more tractable goblin tribes in order to cause the knights of Haelyn to suffer defeats in battle and come to be seen as impotent. This information is provided only by Larra's most trusted (and deniable) agents, as if revealed it could cripple the church - for example one of Larra's agents ensured the Haelynite horses were fed poor oats before the battle at Harper's Point hoping to reduce the glory won by the knights in favour of victory by nobles and some mercanries employed by the NRC, instead the entire town was lost - while the poor oats were merely one factor in the defeat the nobility would likely apportion all blame to Sarimie's faithful and the Bastion would exact severe reprisal.

[top]Evil grace

While the NRC would dearly value the trade goods of the elves, the priests are bitterly aware of how little the elves value trade. The NRC often seeks to undermine relations between humans and elves in the realm and in particular seeks to disgrace prominent elves and half elves. To many of the NRC priests, elves with their disdain for material wealth and inherent godlessness are evil plain and simple; that the elves tend to be beautiful and skilled is merely proof that Azrai's seductive wickedry is alive and well now as before thew battle of Mount Deismaar.

On occasion some priests of the NRC has stooped to murdering foresters and framing the Gheallie Sidhe for the crimes; the main church restricts itself to paying a premium for logging trees found in deep in the forests or providing a bounty for the ears of elven criminals to ensure that a continual stream of elvish 'provocations' arises.

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