Kira's Dance

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The followers of Eloéle have few ceremonies, it is said, but many tales should one of her priestesses care to tell them. One relates to an early follower of the goddess called Kira, a young Vos warrior scorned by her tribe for her small stature. Her tribe was dear to her however, and when it was raided by another Vos tribe one bleak winter, Kira decided to avenge her people.
On the 3rd of Talienir Kira decided to steal a fine roasted ham from the enemy tribe, knowing that the theft would enrage their pride and cause them to chase her. She made sure she was seen fleeing her enemies village and soon had a large number of the tribes warriors hot on her heels, first the wily Kira ran over a frozen river, having first broken the ice in several places earlier in the day. Several of the warriors pursuing her fell through the ice and were never seen again - for a man who falls into a Vos river in winter rarely survives unless well prepared.
Next she led then over a rope bridge over a gorge, this too had been trapped by the thief and again several of her pursuers died when the ropes holding the bridge snapped under their weight. Kira knew however that only a few of the Vos warriors would fall prey to such obvious traps and the remainder would pursue her all the more furiously and led them into her final trap.
The furious warriors found Kira standing in the middle of a snow meadow, ham by her side and a weary look on her face. When the furious warriors charged at the foe they believed they had run to exhaustion, Kira?s trap became apparent ? the meadow was home to a swarm of skuhlzecki, the deadly ice borers of Vosgaard and they swiftly felt the thundering footsteps of the warriors and slew them. Kira meanwhile ?danced? away, her feet touching the ground in an irregular pattern which confused the vibration-sensing worms and allowed her to cross the meadow unharmed.
Her revenge thus accomplished Kira returned home and was honoured by her people for her daring and skill. In her memory followers of Eloéle often try to emulate Kira on the anniversary of her feat by daring an enemy to chase them and then leading that enemy into deadly traps.

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