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Community teams » Help Team
This community team is still in development. As we get more members and nominate a leader, this page will be filled out with more info about what we do and how we do it.
If you would like to join, leave a note here!


This community team writes the help pages and makes sure that all the help and documentation is concise and easy to understand. This team works in close association with the Welcoming Committee to make sure new members can easily learn how to contribute and write articles.

[top]Ongoing Tasks

  • Keep track of comments posted on the discussion section of the help pages.
  • Keep track of edits to the help pages.
  • Contents/Complete_list contains a list of help pages and their current status. It needs to be updated when changes are made and can also be used to figure out what improvements need to be done with the help section.

[top]Current Projects

  • Expand Help articles that are marked as stubs
  • Clean up articles - Help articles that were copied and pasted from wikipedia and need to be updated for BRWiki are in the cleanup category.
  • Make the Help desk more useful.
  • Two potential projects if votes on Help_talk:Contents goes through.
  • Create a nice help page template that can direct users to different sections, provide easy links and go on all the help pages? Probably should wait until the votes above go through and sections are figure out.
  • Do something with the articles in Unsorted Help Pages


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