Feast of Bruul

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The Feast of Bruul is celebrated by the goblins of Anuire in recognition of the coming of the Andu. Bruul, a goblin king in those days saw a wagon train of the Andu settle in a pasture within his lands. Bruul led his people against the exhausted Andu, killed half and captured the rest. The goblins celebrate this act by emulating the week-long feast held by Bruul as his warriors dined on the fallen Andu. In modern times the goblins cannot simply slaughter a few hundred Anuireans without starting a war, but many try to capture a lone Anuirean and feast on them or at least kill one of their slaves to eat in Bruul?s memory.
Although different tribes recognise the feast at different times it is generally held in late Autumn, this timing has a practical side as it means any slaves past their useful life are consumed before winter when they would otherwise drain the goblins of scarce resources.

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