Endier family

This family had carved out the Endier domain from the Duchy of Diemed and it had ruled the realm for more than 300 years.

Since the death of the last member of his line Jorain Endier and the two sons of him in 525 MR, it has been considered extincted.

Notable members were:

Richard Endier (b.?/d.319 MR - Rule 299/319 MR), first Count of Endier
Laerya Endier (b.?/d.350 MR - Rule 319/350 MR), only daughter of Richard
Aethel Endier (b.?/d.374 MR - Rule 350/374 MR) the Cruel, third son of Laerya, he had beheaded his two older brothers as first act of his reign. He ruled tyrannically, acting cruelly until a popular revolt deposed him.
Daeric Endier (b.?/d.404 MR - Rule 374/404 MR), son of Aethel
Jorain Endier (b.?/d.525 MR - Rule ?/525), last of the line

After the death of Daeric most of his descendants were simply uncompetent or unlucky rulers at best, causing the decline of the prestige of the line.

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