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El-Arrasi?s day commemorates the victory of Rashid doune Arrasi (later known simply as El-Arrasi) over emperor Alandalae of the Anuirean Empire. El-Arrasi killed the emperor who had ridden well ahead of the main army with just his honor guard just a week after the wily Basarji had captured the emperor?s nephew and heir Caercuillen when he destroyed the empire's fleet. Well aware that the Anuirean army would invade and crush the Basarji if he killed Caercuillen, El-Arrasi agreed to a peace treaty with Caercuillen. The Basarji, thereafter known as the Khinasi, were given almost full independence while Caercuillen ascended to the throne of Anuire in his uncle?s place and proved a far better emperor than the warlike Alandalae had been.
Ironically El-Arrasi was murdered on this very day just 12 years later when he was poisoned by the Sons of the Serpent. The dish of date and figs slowly cooked in red wine favored by El-Arrasi has ever since been known as the Serpent?s platter and shunned by the Khinasi.
El-Arrasi's day is celebrated on the 12th of Roelir.

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