Day of Peace

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The Day of Peace is held on the winter solstice. It is the only Sidhelien holiday not treated as a community event. Families spend this day together in contemplation. It is a day for elves to reflect on their race's creation, to introspectively determine if their lives are successfully balancing the four elements of nature, and to reflect on relationships with others of their race. This is the most private of the Sidhelien holidays. It has come to be called the Day of Peace because all elves attempt to put aside any disagreements or conflicts for at least this one day. Outsiders causing any kind of disturbance during the Day of Peace are dealt with mercilessly. Would-be invaders that attempt to take advantage of the elves introspective preoccupation on this day often pay with their lives, for those charged with defending the elven realms have learned that this day is the day when the Shadow World grows nearest and as a result these grim elves undertake the ceremonies of the day at safer times of the year.

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