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Challa's Hunt is a ceremony in which prospective goblin scouts, assassins and hunters prove their wood-lore by hunting a veteran goblin scout across unfamiliar terrain. The veteran leaves token of some sorts (often sea shells, stones of a particular hue, etc) along their route, if the pursuing goblins (typically called the hunters) find enough of the tokens, or catch the veteran than they prove their worth and are accorded the rank of scout.
To an outsider this can be very confusing as the hunters often appear to be trying to kill the veteran rather than simply follow them, on several occasions a hunter has been 'rescued' by a knight errant or other self-proclaimed do-gooder. The veteran generally takes advantage of their rescuer?s stupidity once 'taken to safety' and often avenges any slain youngsters at the same time.
Although the hunt is theoretically non-lethal it is not uncommon for the young goblins to seek advancement by proving themselves as true hunters - and killing the veteran, or for them to fight amongst themselves and kill disliked rivals while away from the main clan or to steal the objects collected by another rather than seek them out themselves. On occasion veterans have even used the hunt as an opportunity to kill a youngster that showed too much promise. Such is the goblin way and all consider such behavior perfectly acceptable - as long as the killer is not foolish enough to be caught.

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