Burning of the Shade

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The Burning of the Shade is a traditional Vos festival held on the 30th of Deismir, a week after the anniversary of the Battle of Deismaar. It refers to the Lost, ancient necromancers sworn to Azrai. Although the Lost led the Vos and Beast-men of Aduria in Azrai?s service they are not remembered fondly by the Vos of Cerilia, instead they are blamed for the defeat at Deismaar. The Burning of the Shade merged the hatred that the Vos feel for magicians with the contempt that Belinik held for the Lost who he saw as fools that cost the Vos the war with their frequent bizarre rituals that held up the advance and prevented the Vos from sweeping the Cerilians into the sea.
In this festival a great bonfire is built and a Shade ? typically a scarecrow draped in black but sometimes a suspected witch ? is burnt in memory of the Lost. This festival was common throughout Vosgaard until recently when it was brutally suppressed by the Raven in his realm. Kozlovnyy has not celebrated the festival properly by Vos standards in some time, mostly seeing it as an excuse for a bonfire and a good time.

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