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Dark clouds gather over the war-torn lands. Armies march to battle once again, answering the ancient call to arms. The banners of noble houses flutter raggedly before the onslaught; some will fall, but others will weather the storm. Across the ruined empires of Cerilia, the dogs of war are let loose. Somewhere on a muddy battlefield, a common man becomes a hero -and a hero becomes a king.

The BIRTHRIGHT campaign setting allows players to explore the grand scope of national politics as they guide their domains and influence the events of the continent of Cerilia on the world of Aebrynis. In this setting, the player characters are kings and nobles, prelates and guild-masters, great wizards and royal heralds. They're the leaders of their own kingdoms and domains, wielding the power to wage war or seek peace. At their command, armies march and kingdoms fall.

Most characters in the BIRTHRIGHT campaign are descended from heroes of old. These ancient heritages are called bloodlines. Scions of the bloodlines are gifted with abilities beyond those granted to the common folk of Cerilia, and over hundreds of years they've naturally risen to positions of power.

There is some quality of kingship, an aura or divine right, that calls to the ancient blood; most of Cerilia's rulers are blooded scions.

Bloodlines wax and wane in strength with the quality of a king's rule. Hundreds have been extinguished since the earthshaking wars that shaped modern Cerilia, while others have risen in prominence and power. There are also bloodlines of evil in Cerilia, descended from the forces of darkness that besieged the land in the dawn of history. These powerful adversaries are known as the awnsheghlien (aun-SHEY-lin), an Elven word meaning "Blood of Darkness."

There is far more to the BIRTHRIGHT campaign setting then political conflict. Cerilia is plagued by dangerous natural predators, bandits and pirates, tribes of humanoid marauders, and the dark forces of the awnsheghlien. Naturally, these perils are only a distant threat to people residing in the Anuirean heartland or in a Khinasi city-state, but wild mountains and deep forests - and their dangerous denizens - are no more than a few week's ride from even the most civilized parts of Cerilia.

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Although professional publication of the BIRTHRIGHT line has been discontinued, the BIRTHRIGHT setting has continued to engage the imaginations of adherents who enjoy role-playing in the rich tapestry of Cerilia. This is a resource for players and Dungeon Masters who play (or desire to play) BIRTHRIGHT under the third edition Dungeons & Dragons rule system.

This document has been prepared by a team of the official BIRTHRIGHT website at www.birthright.net. The scope of this manual is a comprehensive treatment of the core BIRTHRIGHT rulebook, The Book of Magecraft , The Book of Priestcraft and The Book of Regency. Setting information that is not rules dependent is not comprehensively covered herein. Material relating to regional areas, such as domain statistics, Organizations, prestige classes, NPC statistics, and other material tied to regional areas will be released in the d20 Atlas of Cerilia.

This document contains text and artwork copyrighted by TSR/WotC. Permission has been granted to www.birthright.net, as the official Birthright fan organization, to use all copyrighted material. This material may not be used for profit. This latest version of this manual will be made available, without charge, on www.birthright.net. For-profit sale of this document is in violation of TSR/WotC's copyright and is prohibited.
This article is a Birthright Campaign Setting (D&D 3.5/D20) page
The BRCS Document is a comprehensive toolbox consisting of rules, races, classes, feats, skills, various systems, spells, magic items, and monsters compatible with the d20 System version of Dungeons & Dragons from Wizards of the Coast.

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