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Nesirie is the goddess of the Sea, and all who live by its bounty revere her. One of the most important ceremonies for sailors is the Blessing of the Sea, whereby each new ship is blessed by one of Nesirie?s clergy before it is launched. Sailors have many beliefs about Nesirie withholding her protection from sailors upon a ship that did not seek her blessing according to this ritual. Many sailors refuse to set sail in an unblessed ship. In the north it is said that Kriesha will claim the vessel and crew of any unblessed ship, or that Cuiraecen will drown the sailors in a storm for such impertinence. More than anything, people fear to challenge dangers without a divine ally.
It is normal for the ship-builder and/or the first captain to make a great show of this event, particularly when launching a larger ship. Guilders often seek the additional blessing of Sera for good luck for their merchant vessels, while warships are often also blessed by Haelyn, in hopes of victory.

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